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AUMA ActuatorsAUMA Actuators

As the first representatives in the United States for the world's number one valve actuator company, AUMA Actuators, Inc., we are totally prepared to serve your valve actuation needs using the highest quality, most user-friendly electric motor operators in the business. Let The Perkinson Company assist you in improving your plant operation through precise control of your sluice gates, tainter gates, globe valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, ball valves, gate valves and more. With the capability of providing up to 256,000 foot-pounds of torque and handling 450,000 pounds of thrust, AUMA Actuators can meet your toughest actuation requirements.

AUMA also offers you all the electronic control protocols from analog to digital, including bluetooth. Please contact us for assistance in engineering your plant upgrade or systems improvements. We would be very pleased to serve you utilizing the highest quality equipment which AUMA Actuators provides.


BNL Valves

BNL Industries, Inc. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality valves for use in the defense/marine, power energy, aerospace, process, and commercial industries. Since 1987, BNL has earned a reputation for dependability and excellence. Working with our customers, we provide solutions to your non-standard requirements. Our innovation, quality, and service will exceed your expectations.


Copes-VulcanCopes-Vulcan an SPX Company

Copes-Vulcan offers the widest variety of valve configurations in the power, process and nuclear industries. We offer general service and severe duty control valves for a range of media, on/off or modulating service. With our wide selection of trim configurations, Copes-Vulcan may optimize each design for the application and operating conditions. Actuation may be manual, pneumatic (diaphragm or piston), electric or hydraulic.

To meet today’s demanding applications, Copes-Vulcan will select the appropriate accessories to ensure stroke times, positioning accuracy and indication feedback is met.


Magna DriveMagna Drive

Couplings and motor drives which utilize neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnets to generate torque across an air gap from motor to driven device. Advantages include; no vibration transfer, longer service life and low operating costs. The top of the line adjustable speed drive (ASD) units have less total installed cost compared to typical VFDs and are much simpler in application, which contributes to its much longer service life and lower operational costs. What results is a short payback and trouble free operation. Contact us for a demonstration and discussion of all the features and benefits Magna Drive offers.



These unique nozzle-style valves save energy and have a short payback period, compared to other types of check valves on the market today. Noreva check valves are unparalleled for long life and energy efficiency. The stainless steel interior construction, non-slam check element and venturi outlet for smooth, laminar water flow combine to provide the only check valve that can actually replace the ubiquitous ball valve utilized for high service pump flow control. Anywhere there is a swing or tilt check which is slamming upon closure, you can prevent pipe failure and eliminate noise by installing the Noreva line of check valves. Contact us to learn how we might solve your system’s check valve problems.



PERSTA – as a division of SIEPMANN-INDUSTRIES – has specialised successfully in the development, manufacture and distribution of highly qualified industrial valves of forged steel and – for completing the program – of boiler plate and cast steel for many years. PERSTA valves are not only characterised by an extra ordinary quality. Thanks to its flexibility and its commitment to innovation PERSTA became a well-known specialist for globe valves, gate valves and swing check valves – worldwide. PERSTA – Experience the difference The fields of application range from plant construction, pipework construction, boiler plant construction, chemical and petrochemical industry, conventional and nuclear power plants up to waste incineration plants, paper industry and LNG tankers – convincing.


Plenty FiltersPlenty Filters an SPX Company

Plenty Process Filtration offers many of the world’s largest ranges of Liquid & Gas Filters, Filter Separators, Coalescers, Cyclones, Carbon Bed Filters & Cartridge Filters.  Our dedicated team of experienced engineers utilize their process and mechanical skills to custom design and build specialist filtration equipment to meet client specific application requirements.  We serve and provide solutions in many different markets sectors including gas processing, distribution, oil production, water cleaning and purification, petrochemical and many types of power generation.



Readco offers two major mixer products which will mix, shear, blend, create reactions, crystallize, polymerize, change particle size and compound just about any product your company produces; but more efficiently.

The continuous processor produces product on a continuous basis as long as the components are fed to the machine. These components would include solids and liquids of various types and viscosities. The by-word for Readco is: “It don’t matter what you’re mixing.”

The CBM, or, containerized batch mixer is utilized to blend or shear powders with some liquid content, where the blend has to be isolated from the environment and/or utilized later in the manufacturing process. This would include the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Depending on the CBM model, batches can be very small or very large (up to 150 cubic feet).

Contact us for a list of products currently produced by Readco-Kurimoto Mixers. We can guarantee that we will manufacture your product less expensively and at a higher quality level than you currently experience.


SIPOS Actuators

SIPOS Aktorik is a manufacturer of electric actuators. The main focus of the corporate activities is: Design and development, manufacturing and sales of electric actuators; Conceptual design and realisation of solutions in water/waste water plants and power plants; Development of tailor-made customer solutions; and Worldwide service.

SIPOS is the only one of the worldwide leading actuator manufacturers with around 100 years experience; with holistic product know-how, from planning, solution development and commissioning up to service; with extensive knowledge of the requirements and wishes of valve manufacturers, plant designers and end-users; a full-range supplier of all product related services for new plants, retrofits and reconstructions; and the hallmarks of the SIPOS Aktorik service are short reaction times and a high degree of expertise.